Friday, September 3, 2010

fasting by differently abled

I fully agree with the statement made by  Hon'ble CM of TN Dr Kalainzar,, The CM has announced lot of concessions , schemes and issued GOs, allocated more funds  , holding charge of the department of differntly abled. what more is reqired?  As a n activist in the field during the last 25 years, I have seen the approach and attitudes of officials towards disability issues.

Now there has been tremendous changes..... every body call us as differently abled----give respects---approach gently to our needs... try to help us... in every office---

As already wrote by me in UDAVIKKARAM , months back, Dhrna,fasting,demonsrations alone are not  the only way to reach the attention of CM and get results.
Disability activists, please listen to the call of CM, and  act


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a DifferentlyAbled State Government employee-
    LD 75%
    My experiance with the Govt. is a bitter-still continuing- experience.I have to approach the High Court (WP's- 16788,18957 of 2010)to make the Govt. Machinary to get the legally-bound-to-do-the works for the Disabled.
    In my view ,most of our TN cadre IAS offices are not even aware of their social responsibilities and the protection the law bestowed on us!

  2. yes . I agree that many officials do not understand our rights. they find umpteen reasons to deny our rights.
    But not everybody.
    A few spoils the whole system. we will change them
    nowadays the CM is positive bcaz he sits in the wheel chair and personally experience all the agonies of a wheel chair bound.
    u may share the details of your case and the outcome