Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Right from arrival at the hong Kong international air port by cathay pacific from chennai i find every where disabled friendly attitude in this country. A chinese lady waited at the doors of the filight with my wheel chair to take me out.More ladies working here.inside air port an acceessible train journey to go to VISA counter. 14 days visa only given-- take photo of disabled visitor to their country--a ride in taxi from air port to Kowloon--- thousands of high rise buildings on either side-- tunnels and fly overs and subways every where-- all sides sea view-- my daughter stays in Laguna city- on the 24 th floor- quite accessible residential buildings for wheel chair users-- took a wheel chair for just a nominal rent of 5 HK dollars for 15 days- every place wheel chair available on rent- priorty every where for wheel chair users-cable car drive to BIG BUDDHA STATUE- wheel chair accessible cable car- wheel chair accessible toilets every where.All city buses have wheel chair symbols showing their accessivbility to them-

STAR FERRY RIDE- wheel chair acceessible- famous NANLIAN GARDENS- disabled friendly- special acceesible device to get down the stairs in wheel chairs in railway stations in addition to accessible lifts and ramps
a feast for eyes and ears in DISNEY LAND- every where acessible to wheel chairs- IT IS A SMALL WORLD- a journey in an accessible boat ride across so manycountries-- a fantastic experience-- The GOLDEN MICKys-THE FESTIVAL OF LION KING-- an excellant show-- specil ly reserved places in the first row for the wheel chairs-- and a special entry above all!!
TEH PEAK- the highest place in hong kong-- disabled friendly access to the top to enjoy the sceneries of hong kong beautiful sights in the night-AVENUE OF STARS- SYMPHONY OF LIGHTS- a special show of lights- - daily at 8 pM - an enjoyable event
ACCESSIBLE MARKET PLACES l like stanly market malls like MEGA BOX etc
THESE are some of the important places i enoyed in my visit to hongkong.
people are nice and give respect and preferences to the disabled and the elderly people
taxi drivers very cordial and helpful

I have also visted singapore and malaysia but Hong Kong is more accessible to wheel chair people compared to them.
only now we are discussing for a LAw to enforce our needs as rights based and of not charity based.
for  a view of accessible staircase in DIAMOND HILLS railway station click

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